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Life is very short, but very fun.I had to do something in life. But that could not happen. But I am not lost yet. I will show it by doing.I know people will laugh at me, but I have to make people laugh.People will speak, it is the work of the people. We just have to do something.If the chaiwala can be the prime minister, then Sachin Bhasare can also be something.

Sachin Bhasare

I used to get angry but now I do meditation in the morning. I trust God. Now I pay attention to my work. I keep away from bad thoughts and bad people. Life meets once and we should do something in this life .
I see a beautiful girl every day, and I always think that seeing her will make my day very beautiful.
If you want to succeed, you will have to bear the risk.
If someone motives, some negative talk spreads.There were so many talented people in their India.

inspiring stories of the early lives of India’s most successful people,Dhirubhai Ambani,Ratan Tata,Narayana Murthy.

Humlog bus rote rehate hai yaar ...Lekin ab kuch change hona padega...

Sachin bhasare

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