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What is the meaning of life

          What  is  the  meaning  of  life   

On Life and Knowledge. Each individual wishes to carry on with an actual existence loaded with joy and joy without a tinge of agony or languishing. ... Delight is obviously there, that causes a man to go on with his life, and afterward a man's life is an interminable quest for satisfaction.

Each person wishes to carry on with an actual existence loaded with delight and satisfaction without a tinge of agony or languishing. In any case, what he gets? An actual existence brimming with wretchedness, average quality, enduring, torment, mock, questions, self-hatred and all that he doesn't try for.

An individual who says opposite is just self absorbed or would prefer not to concede reality. Delight is obviously there, that causes a man to go on with his life, and afterward a man's life is an everlasting quest for joy. His sole point in life turns into a quest for riches, acclaim, influence, love, desire and assortment of different things that he thinks can give him joy and abstain from misery.

What  is  the  meaning  of  life

Some may believe that life is excellent, and the idea that life is an enduring could make them unpleasant. In any case, an inquiry to pose to them is: on the off chance that you accept that life is wonderful, why then you work day and night and have aspiration for riches, popularity, influence or even love? On the off chance that life were genuinely delightful, you would have no compelling reason to work for anything aside from exposed endurance. Living and awareness of such living alone could have brought you unbounded euphoria and satisfaction. Why care for anything or anybody in such a situation? The excellence of life itself would have brought you endless and incredible bliss, no uncertainty.

In any case, some may additionally contend that a consistent quest for delight itself is the genuine magnificence of life. For such individuals, the persistent battle of man to accomplish riches, influence, or anything that he figures pleasurable must be the point of life.

These are hazardous sort of individuals our general public ought to know about; they can go to any degree to discover delight. They can slaughter, assault or cheat on the off chance that they can discover intends to get away from the law, unbridled by their character or profound quality. History is the declaration of this reality — men like Hitler, Stalin demonstrated what such a way of thinking can result in.

It is an error to think the point of life is delight; it brings hopelessness. Joy and wretchedness, both are the side of a similar coin. As you can't discover a coin with a solitary side, so you can't discover an existence of delight without agony and sufferings.

 One can't be isolated from the other. Like delight, trouble also travels every which way; there is no rationale in being connected to them; the idea resembles grasping water. Or maybe, as such, we can say, joy is the reason and result of bitterness: delight brings joy and absence of it brings trouble.
What  is  the  meaning  of  life  ?  Basic  Knowledge

As a man dally his way through torment and delight, he goes towards encounters or information. Torment and delight may travel every which way however information suffers time. So information ought to be the objective of man; he should never miss what delight and agony need to instruct him. Fulfilled in information alone, he should feel a similar perspective in joy and torment. Swami Vivekananda stated,

"Examining the extraordinary characters the world has created, I dare say, in by far most of cases it would be discovered that it was wretchedness that showed more than satisfaction , it was neediness that showed more than riches, it was blows that brought their internal fire more than acclaim.

" So, one must not think much about joy and torment, and continue carrying out one's responsibility like a lion, and whatever originates from it — either hopelessness or bliss he ought to gain from it as though it were his most noteworthy educator in camouflage. It is the genuine objective of life — information.


Life and Knowledge.

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