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Divine Rapper (Gully Gang) new song has come, and this song is on COVID-19, very good message has been given to the people from this song.The name of the song is "SALAAM."

The Divine  has messaged you.Come,join  hands  with  us in  fighting  the  threat that  has  the  whole world wrapped  .help  us  in  the  cause  and  donate  generously  , Because  even a  little  good  come  around  the  long  way . let them  know  they are  not alone in this battle .

Audio  Credits        
Intro Vocal : D evil  
Music  Producer  : Karan Kanchan  
Mixing  And  Mastering  :  Stunnah  Beatz  
Recording  Engineer :  Joel  Dsouza  
Artist  :  Divine  
Lyrics  :  Divine  

Video  Credits    
Producer  :  Gully  Gang  Entertainment  
Direction :  Divine  

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Divine  New  Song  Download  :  Playlist  &  Latest  News  2020

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