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( Dharavi ) Complete information about the world's largest Mumbai slum

( Dharavi ) Complete information about the world's largest Mumbai slum

Complete information about the world's largest Mumbai slum

Dharavi is one of the places in Mumbai. And this is a poor township. It lies between Mahim and Sion and Dharavi's population is between 800,000 to more than 1 million people. Dharavi was once considered to be the largest slum in the world.

 If you are talking about Dharavi, Dharavi is the poorest people. People of different castes live in Dharavi. Dharavi is considered to be India's largest slum area.

  • There is dirt in Dharavi, but Dharavi's heart is very big.
  • Dharavi is situated in the middle of Mumbai.
  • Here the events are celebrated with loud noise.
  • People have come and settled in every corner of India.
  • Dharavi is a united family.

What made Dharavi is made by the people of Dharavi, people of Dharavi are starting their own business there, Dharavi is a different kind of business, if the government wants to give them a new home, but the people there say What will happen to our business?

( Dharavi )Complete information about the world's largest Mumbai slum

There is very little space in Dharavi, but his heart is much bigger than his home.Whatever be the case, be it Jat Pat, from any corner of the world, but living in Dharavi means hard work ! Family Hussey lives happily in a room in Dharavi.

There are many factories in Dharavi, today some people of Dharavi live on it, every person living in Dharavi lives with hard work.

There is a business of making Matka in Dharavi, the people of Dharavi supply it all over India.There is also a business of making papad in Dharavi.

There is also a jewelry factory making jewelry factory.Radiment fabrics are dyed with Dharavi.

Dharavi is a slum area, but the business of the business here is also exported.

( Dharavi )Complete information about the world's largest Mumbai slum
Dharavi  Clay Pot Business 

You must know Dharavi is considered an important area for film shooting.Shooting of big films has been done here today.Do you know how many films have been shot in Dharavi, Mumbai?

In 2008, Slumdog Millionaire was shot here.Amitabh Bachchan's Diwar was shot.Footpath ,Black Friday,No  Smoking ,Traffic Signal , Bhoothnath Returns,And you would know that the shooting of the popular film Gully Boy in 2019 was also done here.

The star of Gully Boy was also from a slum area. Today Gully Boy is also discussed with Dharavi.   Today in Gulli Boy, there is a rapper in every locality, he says that what we rap is about our life.Through the rap of how we live, what we do, we share the story of the people.

Dharavi does not mean dirt, the important place of life for the people of Mumbai.

( Dharavi )Complete information about the world's largest Mumbai slum

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