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The 12 Best Momos Restaurant in Thane for December 2020 ...

(Best +12) Thane best momos shop

The 12 Best Momos Restaurant in Thane for December 2020 ...Previously Vada Pav, Samosa Pav, this product was famous, now Momos took her wake, if you want to eat Momos, then there is a lot of best shop in Thane, I have also given the price of momos below, if you want online you will also get them.

Thane Best Momos Shop

  • The Appetite momos
  • Kings Momos & Chinese Food
  • Momos shop - the meal house
  • Darjeeling Momos And More
  • The Appetite Momos
  • The Momo's corner
  •  House of Momo
  • Momos Corner
  • Kings Momos & Chinese Food
  • Sandy momos kitchen
  • House Of Momo

(Best +12) Thane best momos shop

Vegetarian  And  Non Vegetarian  Momos  Menu : 

  1. Veg  Momos  (  6 ps)               60rs
  2. Veg  Fried  Momos                 60rs
  3. Mushroom  Momos                60rs
  4. Paneer  Momos                       70rs  
  5. Cheese  and  Crons  Momos  70rs  
  6. Paneer  Momos  Fried            70rs  
  7. Chicken  Momos                    70rs  
  8. Chicken  fried  Momos          70rs  
  9. Veg  Roll                                      70rs  
  10. Paneer  Roll                                70rs  
  11. Mushroom  Roll                        70rs  
  12. Chicken  keema  Roll                70rs  
  13. Chilli  Chicken Roll                   70rs  

Eat Drink And be Happy...


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