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Top youngest blogger in India 2020 + Blog earning 2020

 Top youngest blogger in India 2020

Top youngest blogger in India 2020
Top youngest blogger in India 2020

The Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 is Angle. ? 
Today there are more and more bloggers in India. Blogger is a platform that You can share your things. People can bring some changes with their words. He is quite a top blogger in India. Sayam Pradhan  Is the top blogger.

Top Youngest Blogger in india 2020  Is the top blogger in India. Bloggers in India make a lot of money. Now the new bloggers are working in India. Blogger has too much Competition. The list of top 10 bloggers india  is given below.

The list of top 10 bloggers

  1. Amit  Agarwal 
  2. Harsh Agarwal 
  3. Shradha Sharma 
  4. Ashish  Shina 
  5. Arun  Prabhudesai  
  6. Jaspal  Singh 
  7. Varun Krishnan 
  8. Faisal  Farooqui 
  9. Amit Bhawani
  10. Shriniwas Tamba 

Top Blogger Information

1. Amit Agarwal  

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 , Amit Agarwal entered the field in 2004. Since then Amit has made his mark in the world of bloggers and is one of the first people to become truly successful in this field. His name is included in the list of top bloggers and highest earners from AdSense. He is still trying to reach the greatest heights.
Most other successful bloggers in India have been inspired by this man and want to be like him. He teaches logos from his website, Digital Inspiration and are among the top 100 informative sites. His article is much more popular. Most are concentrated in technologies and uses, but they also cover various niche markets. They have also received a lot of awards.
Location: New Delhi, India
Estimated Monthly Income: $ 60,000
Age: 38 years
Alexa Global Rank: 6,033

2. Harsh Agarwal

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 ,Harsh Aggarwal is one of those young Indian bloggers, one of the most successful bloggers. Those included in the top 10 list worked at a company called Convergys, considered the king of the blog world. Later, he quit his job to become one of the best bloggers in India. Made its foray into the blogger world.
Leaving his job, he is earning lakhs of rupees today.
A community blog includes all of their information about their website, hey which is mainly about blogging, WordPress plugins, SEO, which makes money online for most non-tech savvy people. And there are technical guides.
Location: India , New Delhi 
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 30,000
Age: 30 years old
Alexa Global Rank: 3,823
Rank in India: 429

3. Shradha Sharma

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 ,Shraddha Sharma is an Indian blogger. Shraddha is from Patna, Bihar and she currently lives in Bangalore, India and she started her website in 2008. Young young people follow her, she is a very big name in India today, her income is in lakhs. And so far more than 15000 young entrepreneurs have logged in. His works are now recognized all over the world and everyone wants to learn from them.

Her views of the media for entrepreneurs, leaders and founding stories really started to click in these 8 years, much to her fan following, she did the work and tremendous work that her entire young girl learns from them today.

Location: Patna, Bihar ( from Bangalore, India)
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 35000
Age: 30
Alexa Global Rank: 2537
Rank in India: 142

4. Ashish Sinha

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020, If you don't know Ashish Sinha's angle, then know, Ashish Sinha is a blogger, Jeanne has given an important insight to the younger generation, before that, a job holder at Yahoo and IBM, Ashish featured in our list of Top 10 Bloggers in India And he started naming his blog as a plug-in in 2007, a few years since then. In 2012, he renamed Nextbiz and his work focuses on tech, entrepreneurship, startups and more.

Location: India
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 20,000
Age: 32
Alexa Global Rank: 27,333
Rank in India: 2334

5. Arun Prabhudesai

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 , Arun Prabhudesai is one of the best bloggers, his youngsters are very much praised by the youngsters of today, Arun, a blogger from Pune who started his work in 2007, has climbed in this market and was earlier living in USA, he has returned to his hometown and here Had changed his mind to start his work with, but he started a blog about startups, financial news, information about the stock market etc. and today he is known as one of the best bloggers in India. He loved to do photo graphing.
A lover of photography and also a reader. Arun definitely makes his name in this list.

Location: Pune, India
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 4,000
Age: 35 
Alexa Global Rank: 20,400
Rank in India: 1,676

6. Jaspal Singh

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 ,You must have heard the name of Jaspal Singh, the founder of the famous All the technology information is included in the blog, after studying engineering, he is interested in software and computing. Everyone knows that he loved to hit the gym and his inspiration for many new bloggers to improve his article is a big inspiration for those coming in or out of college.
His work is his informative blog on Internet tips, technologies and software etc.

Location: Jaipur, India
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 11,000
Age: 32
Alexa Global Rank: 105,507
Rank in India: 13,211

7. Varun Krishnan

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 ,Very famous blogger Varun Krishnan, Varun living in Chennai, India is considered one of the top bloggers in India. Improving the owner of a popular blog that is based on mobile phones, reviews, phone finder etc., and gives all their information
Improving it worked in the field of blogging. The requirement to be shown in the top 10 list is important.

Location: Chennai, India
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 21 ,000
Age: Unknown
Alexa Global Rank: 7319
Rank in India: 628

8. Faisal Farooqui

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 ,Faisal Farooqi is a Best Blogger & CEO web portal, Faisal Farooqui is not a blogger, but owns a consumer site and service web portal. He frequently travels between the USA and India, receiving his education from New York Binghamton University. He has a lot of vehicles, he has a lot of income. In 2012, he was nominated in the Top Business People in India and also received an award. And it was also listed in the list of entrepreneurs who have created history and all the young people follow them.

Location: USA & India
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 85,000
Age: Unknown
Alexa Global Rank: 6097
Rank in India: 479

9. Amit Bhawani

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020, Amit Bhatni started his blogging career in 2007. His blog was about technology, gadgets etc. and he used to tell about round tables, new phones and technical news around the world. Therefore their site was quite popular.
He now runs a company that is active on SEO and does marketing from his hometown, so he likes to share his experience on the Internet and technologies. He has earned a name in his career in blogging.

Location: Hyderabad, India
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 16,000
Age: 29 years old
Alexa Global Rank: 192,444
Rank in India: 15,978

10. Srinivas Tamda

Top Youngest Blogger in India 2020 , His name is Lia Jayate among the top bloggers in the world. A Chennai based blogger who blogs about programming, Ajax, PHP and other web design aspect. His blog has a good market on professionals in this field. His works are very well known in the programmers and developers community, he is highly praised,
They have focused on technologies so that a lot of people have been benefited so that is why their name is quite big.

Location: Chennai, India 
Estimated Monthly Earning: $ 16,000
Age: 35 
Alexa Global Rank: 30244
Rank in India: 3978

No more money is required to become a blogger, you can sort your blog for free. With the blog, you can tell the whole world all your things. You also feel that if you get your name in Top Youngest Blogger in india , you will have to work hard.

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