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Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram...

 Rj Soham Shahane Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

R j Soham About Information  :  Who is R j Soham ?

R J Soham's full name is Soham Sahane . He was born on 21st OCT 19. Soham Sahane has given his name to R j Soham because he is a Radio Jockey, Social Media Influencer and Cricket commentator r j  Soham is the content manager at Current Josh Talk . You will like the biography of R j Soham

  • 100k + more TikTok followers on Instagram

  • R J Soham is a commentator, and he has a lot of media knowledge.

  • His music and his favorite cricket with radio has been his best topic, he makes a lot of motivation videos.

  • 2011 he has commented on 400 matches, which people still like today.

About : 

  • Content Development Manager at जोश Talks and Co-founder at Mythak Films

  • Studies Arts at HPT Arts and RYK Science College

  • Lives in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

  • From Nasik

  • Single

Work and Education :    

  1. Content Development Manager at जोश Talks
  2. Co-founder at Mythak Films
  3. Former Radio Jockey at MY FM
  4. Former Radio Host at Radio Vishwas 90.8

Contact info :  





Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

Rj Soham Age :  

Rj Soham age is 21 years, and 21 years he has made his career best, young people today learn something from him.

R j Soham YouTube Channel  - Click  

R J Soham Income ( Earning ) : 

Talking about R J Soham's earnings, neither do they make a good income from YouTube, they have a YouTube channel through which they earn money, make motivational videos, do entertainment. People like watching their videos a lot. If you like their video, then you can like it.

Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

Rj Soham is a very talented YouTuber, you can subscribe to it, he has achieved a lot in a young age, he has a lot of publicity, he will be seen to be more viral in the coming days. His videos are much more popular today, you can follow them on Instagram.

  • R j Soham Full Interview Girlfriend Movie | RJ Soham | Amey Wagh | Sai Tamhankar | MY FM India ,  You can access full interview video.  Click  Full Video  

R J  Soham  Instagram  :  

If you want to follow Sohna, you can follow her on R j Soham  Instagram, if you want to ask anything, you can msg them. Follow Instagram  

Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

Rj Soham Radio Channel : 

If you have a R j Soham radio channel, which also has Marathi artists, there is an entertainment filled show, which has fun, comedy and interviews, then you can watch R j Soham in it.

  • R j Soham's show name is Radio Jockey

  • 94.3 MY FM  Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd  Dainik Bhaskar Group
          Sep 2018 - Jun 20201 

Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

Evening, they also have some names which are as follows :  

  1. Happy Evening
  2. Janiv Samajiktechi
  3. Filmy Dogale

*Their Projects*

Some of R j Soham's projects are as follows:

Micology with RJ Soham
Feb 2020 - Feb 2020

MY Campus Star
Aug 2019 - Sep 2019

Paiso Ka Ped Season 3
Aug 2019 - Aug 2019

Girlfriend Stand Up Tour
Jul 2019 - Jul 2019

Khottey Sikkey with RJ Soham
Apr 2019 - Apr 2019

Rangrez Season 3
Nov 2018 - Dec 2018

Food and Lifestyle Awards 2018
Nov 2018 - Nov 2018
Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

*Honors & Awards*

The awards that R j Soham has received till date are as follows.

"Hero Award 2020"
94.3 MY FM India
May 2020
Gold Award for Best Digital Initiative- Viral Wisdom

"Veer Bharti Awards 2015"
Antarbharti Organization
Sep 2015
Best Work- Media and Entertainment

"Vaani Awards"
Vaani Group
Aug 2015
Best Social Initiative- Radio

Rj Soham Biography , Age, income, House ,Family, Instagram and More...

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👉Meet  R j  Shoham 

Conclusion :  

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