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These are the benefits of eating Peru

These are the benefits of eating Peru

Peru is a sour-sweet fruit. It grows in tropical and subtropical climates. It is white or red on the inside. Gar is a seed. The taste is sweet. Peru is also the food of many birds. Its classical name is Cedium guava. In English, Peru is called guava. Peru has sattvic qualities and is enlightening.

Eating guava after lunch is extremely helpful. Foods are easily digested due to the presence of Vitamin C in it as well as glucose and tannins. Usually when eating Peru, add sandhav and cumin powder. This removes the phlegmatic and aerobic properties of Peru and does not affect Peru.

Ripe guava can be eaten as a vegetable. Peruvian jam, lettuce, chutney, raita and marmalade can also be made. Since all these foods are delicious, you should eat different types of guava for anorexia, loss of appetite, acidosis.

Peel a squash, grate it and grind it in a mixer. Add rose petals, cardamom, granulated sugar and water and make syrup. Vitamin C is found in large quantities in this syrup, which relieves fatigue and creates excitement and reduces inflammation in the body.

If you are suffering from constipation, you should consume guava for three or four days in a row or eat it as a vegetable.
If you extract the guava leaves and hold it in your mouth for a while, you will get rid of toothache, gingivitis and oral disorders.
As guava leaves are appetizing and receptive, diarrhea can be cured by drinking the leaves. Also, if diarrhea occurs due to frequent diarrhea and constipation in the stomach, then by making a poultice of Peruvian leaves and tying it around the anus, the rectum is removed and the swelling is reduced.
Peruvian leaf extract should be taken for leprosy in women.
Children, pregnant women, weak women, lean people should consume Peru regularly. Due to the presence of Vitamin C and other nutrients in it, the body's immune system is strengthened and the body becomes healthy and strong.

Eat drink be cool...

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